I’m Wearing This App


An online fashion outfit performance stage, the ‘I’m Wearing This’ app consists of an integrated Instagram API, which feeds live images to a page through selective search criteria. These clearly defined images vary across fashion brands and products bought by the customer and represented by the customer, through personally owned photography. Influential pieces which have informed the project include todayimwearing.com and Pinterest, the broader concept of todayimwearing is to be expanded to allow users to compare contrast and examine fashion much in the way that Pinterest allows users to collate content. However, while Pinterest allows the static comparison of content, ‘I’m Wearing This’ will pull categorised feeds from Instagram. Furthermore, in narrowing the user search, the considered utilisation of tags through genres (gothic, vintage) and emotions (angry, romantic, prim, demure) will be implemented.

The materials that will be used within the project that I don’t possess license to, include the hash tagged fashion Instagram images. These images are live on social media (Instagram) and my aim is to pull these images onto my site as a live feed direct from Instagram. Therefore, no ethical issues should arise, as I will be adhering to all Copyright and Protection laws.

Time Management

A Structured timeline will be adhered to throughout the project and updated on an ongoing basis for the duration of the project.


Target Audience

Female gender, age groups  21-25, target profile self confident individuals, fashion led, have key interest in fashion blogs, financially secure with disposable income a frequent user of both her mobile and or laptop.

Desirable why?

Allows for the exploration of fashion through customer performance, previewing pieces of fashion that have been bought and styled by the consumer. I will modify my work to fit the target audience through style, colour design, contextualization of themes and genres in narrowing the user search.