Visual Semiotics

Visual semiotics is defined as a form of remediation carried through into a media space and used for different purposes . When looking at symbols such as road warning signs, a triangle shape is used to represent from a distance a potential ‘warning’.

“We are the semionauts on a road and the signs on the road side are things we are picking up and we are using them and re-interpreting them as we travel… ”

In experimenting with this idea of semionauts and shape representation, I went on to produce my own futuristic idea of a warning symbol . Below is my design produced in the workshop, my warning sign was designed to echo no ‘eye insta photography’, a futuristic idea based on our eyes being capable of taking photos.



Triangle Flash Animation

Unfortunately when converting my flash animation from an SWF to a Movie File to put on Youtube the converter added a watermark to the animation video.

The design was created based on the same concept as my circle flash animation in my previous post. However instead of using a circle I used a triangle and took the filling out of the centre , rotated and resized it to get this great dancing effect with the shape. I utilised another sepia image to set as the background, this again made the shape stand out giving a beautiful look to the animation. The song was developed using Garageband and was matched to each key frame on flash.

Circle Flash Animation

Flash Animation :

I decided to focus on a shape to see how I could adapt it with various changes adding and developing it in an animation format. The background incorporates a landscape image in a sepia tone to allow the black circle to stand out more and give it this edge to the design. The music was developed using Garageband and was timed to each key frame in the animation. I was pleased with the resulting end product and plan to continue and experiment futher, possibly doing another animation using this same concept.

Tennis Court Flash Animation

Flash Animation:

My animation was heavily influenced by the design layout of Habbo Hotel;  the idea of everything being to one size. I have chosen in my animation to not show the players hitting the ball on the court but only the ball bouncing from one side of the court to the other, it was designed to be an almost ‘preview’ in a game of when a shot was won. The design is very simplistic as well as the colour choice , the courts are done in the orange colour to represent a clay tennis court.