Collaborative Project – Four Walls

This was the website are group produced for the Collaborative Project for Yr1.

The website includes 4 different pages; a home page, meet the walls page, episodes page and an interact page.

In terms of the design of the website, it was designed to link well with the logo design using the basic colour palette red, white and grey. The font style, we wanted to be quite simple and chatty to link with the comedy aspect of the brief.

Each episode on the episodes page was filmed by are TV crew Rory Snowball and Tashi Hanlon. The scriptwriters which were involved in the piece included Troy Duff and Oliver Selby. In addition there is a radio episode which was scripted by Troy Duff and produced by our fellow group radio student Reuben Green.

Jake Watts, Ash Spry and myself worked on the website together processing all content such as videos and sound to be uploaded onto the website.

– Twitter feed – Social Networking purposes
– Interact – Chrome App and QR Code

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 15.51.42

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 15.51.49

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 15.51.51

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 15.52.08

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 15.52.12

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 15.52.18

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 15.52.24

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 15.52.36

We tested the website on multiple devices to insure the website was responsive to all digital platforms.




Four Walls Logo Design

For the Collaborative Project we had been set to design a Logo for our Channel idea ‘Four Walls’. Below is all logo design ideas we developed as a team:




Chosen Logo Idea:


We decided upon this logo design as it almost represented a hanging item upon a wall and the actual shape incorporates four side, four walls. The logo contrasted well being red against white and the font is fun and playful tying in with the concept – comedy.

In going forward and animating the logo we decided upon the logo being animated to swing on the pin and for the string to perhaps break.

Collaborative Project Brief

We have been assigned the following brief which had been set in collaboration with Baby Cow and Channel 4: 

Baby Cow logo


“In your collaboritive groups of Scriptwriters , Digital Media Designers , Radio Producers and TV production students, you are required to generate a website built around a comedy concept. The website should contain up to 12 minutes of scripted material – divided between audio and video content (at least four minutes of each).

The website design should reflect the comedy theme and also include an original logo. The logo should work in a static for on the site-header and also as an animation to introduce the video sketches. The website should also be responsive in design so that it adapts to viewing on smartphone or tablet.

As a group you could also consider generating other appropriate work to enhance the idea and to promote it (e.g. characters, interviews, backstory, mock-up ideas for a game or app, etc).

You will need to create a core idea – a world that can be developed across different media platforms. Think about how you can encourage an audience to share their work online.

Consider your intended audience and target them appropriately. Your work needs to be simulating and funny enough for your audience to make the decision to share it, so you can be innovative and push boundaries.

Your target audience exists online, as opposed to on terrestirial TV. It doesn’t have to be family friendly and can push the boundaries a little more. ”

Idea Process

In identifying the intended audience for the comedy: teenagers and young adults we then went on to idea development stage.  Where we came up with the following three ideas:


A guy discovers four walls of a room can talk. Each wall with a different personality and therefore the main character will react differently to each wall. 


Based around the work life of a nightclub bouncer, with all the hilarious , outrageous and down right speechless situations. It will be a sketch show following the night, from embarrassing situations on his part. 


A self help group where each member has an irrational fear. Each film could be focused on one particular film and their weird fear which then link on or lead on to the next.


We decided upon the ‘Four Walls’ idea as it had this real originality and gave us a great building block to work upon. Each character (wall) with an individual personality.


  •  WILL (MAIN CHARACTER) – Will is a timid kind of guy. Doesn’t like to cause any trouble, but sometimes can’t help himself.
  • AMY (WALL VOICE) – Amy is a seductive, sensual wall. The only sister out of the four siblings. Love interest for Will.
  • DAVE (WALL VOICE) – Dave is an arrogant, rude and aggressive wall. Doesn’t like Will at all, especially when Will and Amy flirt.
  • CLEFT (WALL VOICE) – Cleft is laid-back, uninterested in anything and a bit of a stoner. Will gets annoyed when he comes back to the house and it smells of pot.
  • SIMON (WALL VOICE) – Simon doesn’t like to get involved with his siblings’ squabbling, instead he likes to read in quiet. Some people would describe him as a bit of a nerd.

Space to be utilised for filming:

Space 1 Space 2

Each wall will be decorated to the personality of each character in hand using wall paper and props such as photo frames, books, posters etc. There has been discussed the option of using corplex to form four walls into this space as of the fireplace and window being an obstruction to the idea. 


The DMD Team : Jake Watts , Ash Spry and I will be in charge of

  • Design of the logo for the channel
  • An animation of the logo
  • Website design to host the channel ‘Four Walls’ on.

Jamie T – Typography

I decided upon designing an additional typography, as the first one ‘XMEN – Day’s of Futures Past’ was more of an experiment to see what effects and transitions could add to a simplistically designed typography. This has been beneficial to me with regards to the overall design and narrative of the piece.

After extensive research within both a collection of songs and lyrics, I finally settled upon ‘Jamie T – If You Got The Money’. This decision was made based on the words having a strong storyline,  I felt the Youtube video did not actually do the song much justice as it was only a basic design showing the band playing and the audience dancing. Creating a typography of the song, allows the audience to focus more on the lyrics.  The lyrics are clearly audible and extremely snappy,  the benefits as a designer is when transitioning each word into the typography it can be done at a reasonable pace.

This typography was designed for the specific age group of 13-25 with those with a keen interest in music and lyrics.

When planning this design typography was chosen as though words were being written on a chalkboard by the teacher and the children in the class room were drawing images which related to those words.  The font style chosen was ‘Reane Beenie’, as this font is similar in relation to a persons handwriting on a chalkboard. The font colour was a white/grey colour chosen to replicate chalk writing.

This was my outcome.

In analysing this piece of work, I believe the successful aspects were the narrative written on a chalkboard, the drawings working well with the lyrics as they are positioned within a childs’ reach and the writing positioned to the teachers reach within a classroom.

The more negative aspects of the work includes panning in and out of the piece, as the chalkboard is supposed to be a fixed environment and this effect negates this concept. Following this outcome I supposed to go back and resolve this issue and redevelop this piece to get the desired outcome.

Panorama Shots – Bournemouth Town

Having booked out a camera LCR- 50D and a tripod. Claudia ( and I collaborated together to take our own panoramic shots of Bournemouth Town. I used these images to form my own panoramas using ‘Hugin’ a piece of open source software and the following were my resulting outcomes. My confidence has grown throughout these mini projects due to developing my ability using cameras and photo editing software to complete these various tasks.





X-Men Trailer Typography

Looking at the plan I completed on Photoshop, I then continued onto After Effects to produce my typography design to the trailer ‘X-Men – Day’s of Future Past (2014)’. I kept to my initial design plan however there were aspects which could be improved with the use of effects and masks which I could apply to this typography.

The lyrics from the trailer were cropped to about a minute long on Garageband to shorten the length of the typography. My desired result was to end the typography on a punchy part of the trailer  ‘a different path. a darker path’.

The typography was heavily influenced by Saul Bass, with the way he used contrasting colours and simple geometric shapes to create powerful messages through words. This is well fitted to the chosen trailer ‘X-Men – Day’s of Future Past (2014)’ as the words spoken are very mystique and alluring. This is a main element the typography enhances with its’ simplicity and contrasting design.

This is an example of the famous ‘Bob Dylan – Don’t look back ‘, words have been used to represent a song as well as enhance the narrative of the lyrics.

With implementing all chosen design critiques this was the final outcome for the typography.

The typography mini project has been most beneficial,  I felt my outcome was extremely satisfactory and by experimenting enhanced my skills and ability with all the different effects to interpret the words of the trailer. I have now decided upon the creating an additional typography, one which is heavily planned as a design piece as well as an interpretation of a song.