Personal Evaluation – Project Management

In evaluating the project, the overall process of development from start to finish was organised, structured and always pre-planned. Our final outcome ‘Photo Book’ works efficiently and effectively with the incorporation of smooth interface interactions. These interactions include a varies of touch and swipe functions. Moreover, ‘Photo Book’ is seen to correspond extensively to the given brief, being designed as an element of an app and reflecting the graphics which have already been produced for the exhibition by RedBalloon.

With defining what was effective within the project, I believe that the communication infrastructure that was set up constituted to the collaboration and organisation of tasks which led to further idea development within the group. In addition, within the research and idea development stage I understand that we came up with a strong initial proposal and this derived a sufficient end product concept design. Personally, I consider that I myself was a firm team leader with the setting of individual tasks, organising group meetings and strongly within the idea generation stage. In my role, I was very much in charge of contacting the client, RedBalloon and raising group questions to the course lecturers. In addition, I myself set up the multiple contributor blog and the collaborative google drive which was used for the purposes of communication and assessment for the specific project brief. In relation to what wasn’t effective within the project, we had trouble initially in presenting our idea to the client and for them to fully understand the concept but by applying it to examples and giving graphic demonstrations this problem was resolved. Furthermore, with relation to my role I found it least effective when I wasn’t being critical in what was needed by each team member, so in tackling this problem I created a defined to do list for the blog posts which was uploaded onto the collaborative group as well as helping form an app content to do list in terms of the graphic designs.

In regards to future development opportunities, I propose to look into more customisable feature designs to expand the app further in terms of user interaction. With adding more customisable features such as different font styles it would allow the users to be creative and personalise their experiences to a greater level. Lastly, I propose to look into various different photo gallery layouts, to suggest further suitable structural designs, changing what is now a simple list design to an enhanced and structurally vivid feature.


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