Group Blog – To Do List

With relevance to the group blog, I decided upon creating a group blog to do list. I created this to do list on Google Drive on an EXCEL spreadsheet. The to do list was established to ensure that every individual of the group understood exactly what they should be blogging, in addition to allowing for tracking of blog progress and assistance with colleague blog titles. Before Easter, I posted on the Facebook Group specific blogging requirements for the project, these were as follows:

When blogging ensure the following:

  • Each post should be around 500 words
  •  Ensure that your being critical when posting (more marks)
  •  Use tags & categories in your posts
  •  Use references where possible (more marks)

You should be blogging on your specific tasks you have done for the project as well as research. In constructing and fulfilling these requirements, I believe that the blog element of the project will be a success through strong correspondence to the brief and critical exposure. Below is a screenshot of the Google Drive Document for the Group blog to do list:

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.28.55

The to do list was constructed so that titles could be added to each individuals to do list section and when completed the team members can colour code each title blue to illuminate their blogging process. In doing so, it allows for each individual to understand their own progress and peer progress for purpose of our individual contribution evaluations.


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