Gooseberry Hair Salon Website

I was given the following brief to create a visually exciting site that highlights Gooseberry’s prices and details but in a unique, creative way. Gooseberry Hair Salon is a unisex establishment which cuts for 90% women, 50% of which are between 30-50 years old and around 25% are in their 20s. The desire is to be seen as creative and deliver a non-standard ‘experience’ without hiding important information or alienating the older customers. To attract new clients from primarily the Tony & Guy in town and reflect their stylish salon online. The website sections and functions should include latest news, contact with map, treatment room details, the team, promotions, price list, products and careers.

A week was given to answer this brief to see how I would not only approach the brief but also my process of idea development. My first step was to research various high-end hair salons within the London area to find inspiration and create a moodboard which highlights these various concepts of web design. My key focus was to create a clean, simplistic design which ties into the target audience and corresponds to Gooseberry’s logo colour scheme. Below is my inspirational moodboard which I created in illustrator:


My second step was then to take this inspirational thought to create and develop my own structural web design wireframes, I did this through firstly drawing my ideas and layouts into a sketchbook and then developing these further by finalising the structures in Photoshop.


In addition I edited the photography which was given by the salon in Photoshop to help demonstrate the proposed ideas of flash animations and photographic layouts as shown below:

03 02 01

My next step was to develop in Photoshop the proposed page designs for Gooseberry Hair Salons home page, salon page, team page etc. Below are the various designs I created; I looked at mobile designs and layouts to suggest suitable responsive alternatives to the proposed pages. Overall I believe this project was a success and these ideas could be developed even further to create a final proposal for the Gooseberry Hair Salon website. If developed further I would look at typography designs as well as overlapping layers to create a strong final concept.



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