Group Meeting 3

I arranged a group meeting for the 9th of March at 1pm in Weymouth House, Bournemouth University. The meeting was arranged to go over the two initial ideas for the project, in respondence to the feedback given from Stephanie (employee at RedBalloon). Below is the feedback given, which is in relation to our proposal pitch for both idea 1 and idea 2:

Idea 1 (feedback)

There will be an overarching structure/design that will look like a sticker book – where spaces are left for the user to insert their own images. Some text information and clues/shadow images as to what they are looking for will be provided. As the user walks around the Cathedral and MC exhibition they photograph what they think is the image they are looking for and insert it into the space in the sticker book.Target audience? Could we make it specifically for children who are more likely to engage with the sticker book idea? Presumably an image will be rejected if it’s the wrong one? We could have several sticker books for different ages or different themes – this would also encourage multiple trips to the Cathedral to complete the whole set. Assets – we need bespoke photography of images for viewers to find.

Idea 2 (feedback)

Simple questionnaire – how much have you enjoyed your visit , what would you change etc.. How can we make this more interesting/engaging?

Evaluation of the feedback

Within the meeting, we evaluated as a group the feedback from Stephanie. With reference to idea 1, firstly there is to be an overarching structure/design where spaces are left for users to insert their own images, however the idea is for the audience to replace rather an existing image to a photo which they have taken at the exhibition, thus creating an individual photographic experience. In addition our app element is to be marketed more for the general family use instead of children. Moreover, it is not possible for the app to allow for the rejection of images due to general production feasibility. Lastly with reference to idea 1 we will be looking at adding customisable options to its design.

Idea 2 was reformed to our original idea of the poll app, however as a group we feel this idea is not as strong as our first idea therefore we will not be progressing this concept forward. This is due to the fact that it was seen to be quite bland and also there is another group who is partaking on the design of a questionnaire stylised app.


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