Project Management

As project manager I decided to undertake key background research within the field of project management. By doing this it enabled me to have a greater understanding and a more informed decision process, which will continue to help facilitate effective project management throughout the project. Project management is defined primarily as an application of processes, methods, skills and experience to achieve a set of project objectives. Moreover, Meredith and Mantel (2011) suggest that project management emerged due to the characteristics of our contemporary society and its continuous demand for development of new methods of management.

Project management is often summarised in a triangle. The three most important factors include time, cost and scope. These factors are commonly called the tribe constraint which form vertices with quality as a central theme.


Other project management definitions include the project management diamond summary. The project management diamond summary places cost, time, scope and quality as four vertices and customer expectations as a central theme (Haughey 2014). In doing so it reiterates the fact that projects must abide to the expectations and quality requirements of the client.

Below is the project management diamond diagram:


Lewthwaite (2006) mentions that to effectively manage is a means of taking stock of your toolbox, bring out tools that you’ve not used for a while or that you have may used in the wrong way, and sharpening the ones that you have been using. This suggests that to effectively manage a group you should play to the strengths of each member and utilise their strengths to better the outcomes.  Within this project I will be implementing the aforementioned project management methodology to better the results and quality of the project.

In effectively managing this project and with relation to the project management diamond definition of the 4 vertices. I will be facilitating the following tasks as part of my role as project manager:

  • Arranging meetings
  • Setting individuals targets
  • Coordinating the team
  • Ensuring that all individuals participate equally
  • Overseeing the whole project from start to finish
  • Promoting idea development
  • Motivating the team
  • Assigning tasks based on personal strengths

In fulfilling the above tasks I believe to have effectively managed and directed my fellow collegues driving the team to success in the development of the proposed App.


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