Initial Group Meeting

Earlier today, we pitched the two conceptual ideas ‘Interactive timeline app’ and ‘Poll app’ to our course lecturer Liam Birtles . These ideas were drawn up in the previous group meeting and were put together on a Powerpoint Presentation. The feedback received from Liam included that the interactive timeline app should be described more as a ‘stickerbook’ due to the layout and structure of the app , in addition it should be more focused to the child age group as of its playful nature. Moreover, with regards to our second idea the Poll app, there was already another group who was pursing this same design, it was also deemed to be too simple and therefore we put forward the interactive timeline app as the key number 1 proposed concept design, for the group project. All feedback given within this seminar is to be reviewed in our next group meeting to help suggest a suitable alternative concept for the project.

Prior to the presentation I delegated 1 slide to to each member of the team to ensure that the presentation was structured and prepared for, additionally I ensured that the group presentation was uploaded to not only the Google Drive but was also uploaded onto a USB Stick. I believe that the overall communication of the conceptual ideas came across exceedingly well as all viewers seemed to have a good understanding of the key concepts at the end of the presentation.


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