Group Meeting 1

For the applied design live project we were placed into set groups through our proposed areas of interest. This was done through the expression of individual ideas and thoughts displayed through stylised creative moodboards, these moodboards were then utilised to compare and collate ourselves within groups of similar interests. At the start of this process I nominated myself to be 1 of 8 group leaders for the proposed applied design live project. After being placed into groups we took upon ourselves to have an initial group meeting to discuss the individual roles of each group member and to set up a Facebook group for the project which purpose is to allow for effective communication within the team.

The selected roles for each individual within the group are based upon key areas of interest and skill levels. As the group leader I had to send the lecturers the group lists as well as the individual roles, these were as follows:


  • Suzanne Niccolls (Group Leader)
  • Lawrence Holmes (Key Coder)
  • Shaun Skeen (Assistant Coder & Graphics)
  • Hayley Vice (Graphics & Research)
  • Maria Watkins (Graphics & Research)

In addition within the meeting Hayley set up the Facebook Group for the project and invited each individual to the group. After this we went onto discuss how we would contribute as a team to a group blog. In addressing this we decided to create a blog in WordPress and allow for the blog to have multiple named contributors this thus allows for the lecturers to see each member of the teams contribution within the project.

Moreover, within the meeting we arranged for a second meeting on Tuesday 24th at 1pm in the foyer of Weymouth House, Bournemouth University. This meeting is for each individual to pitch to the team two initial app design ideas and concepts for development. These ideas are to be reviewed by the team to collate two final thoughts for Thursday’s seminar. At Thursday’s seminar we will be pitching two ideas for development to the lecturers of the Digital Media Design Course, these ideas are to be presented via a Powerpoint presentation. Within the week leading up to the meeting each member of the team is to publish their individual moodboard in PDF format onto the Facebook group to allow for inspiration within the team. Furthermore, at the meeting each team member is to also pitch a team name for the group blog this will be used as the group blog URL and for general team moral.


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