Meeting with RedBalloon

A meeting was arranged with RedBalloon regarding the style guidance as well as the communication process for the project. The communication process is in relation to us as designers and how we will be able to communicate to the client Salisbury Cathedral. In the meeting RedBalloon stated that a specific colour scheme was to be adopted throughout all app designs as well as a specific font style. This was due to the fact that other mediums have been produced for the Magna Carta exhibition and it is essential that all mediums reflect and correspond to each other. Below is the style guidance which has been given to us by RedBalloon :

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 16.03.401498985_714115462038286_4898698565897236910_o

As you can see there is a specific font style to be used as well as colour scheme. Moreover, with regards to the communication process of the project,  RedBalloon made it clear that there is unfortunately a slow communication process which is a key issue. For us to get feedback from the client we must go up the ladder from us as designers to the lecturers then to RedBalloon and then to Salisbury Cathedral. This is a key issue to be considered throughout the process in order to allow for effiency and to better understand the clients wants and needs.


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