The Space

The app design is to fit within the given space of Salisbury Cathedral. I chose to undertake key background research on the Cathedral to help influence group idea development and inspiration. Allowing for the group to better understand the space and form ideas which correlate and influence its architectural means. Salisbury Cathedral formerly known as the ‘Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary’ is an Anglian Cathedral situated in the heart of the city of Salisbury, England. The cathedral is one of the leading examples of Early English Architecture, it took a total of 38 years to build within a single architectural style. Salisbury Cathedral is home to the best preserved of only four surviving original Magna Carta (AD1215), which is listed on the UNESCO ‘Memory of the World’ register (Salisbury Cathedral 2015). The architecture is something to be considered within the development of the app to ensure that the app reflects and corresponds to the given environment.


An investigatory visit to Salisbury Cathedral was arranged for the purposes of research and idea development, regarding the following live project brief which is to develop an app for the Magna Carta Exhibition. At the visit, we were given a tour of the building providing us with information on the building itself, as well as facts and stories on the history of the medieval era.What I personally found interesting about the tour was the un-known stories which were told about the Cathedral such as the ‘mummified rat’ and the ‘librarian who took the Magna Carta home’. These were the key ideas of the Cathedral that I remembered from my tour experience and I think these particular stories are something which teenagers would find interesting and fun. Moreover, there were other elements in the cathedral which were also intriguing including the visual imagery the cathedral exhibited and the modernistic interior design of the space.

In addition from visiting the space there were found to be key functional problems, these problems will need to be considered with response to the design and function of the app. The Cathedral its self has extremely limited WIFI accessibility as well as poor internet access through such as 3G. As a course we spoke to the director of Salisbury Cathedral and were told that WIFI service will be accessible for visitor use but only at a Cafe Hotspot within the Cathedral. This is a key problem which will need to be considered, as users will only be able to access the apps either prior to visit, at the Cafe Hotspot or after visiting the exhibition. There was also an issue with the visit to the Cathedral, in that unfortunately the Magna Carta Exhibition was not open, so we were unable to view the key space of the Cathedral for the purposes of research. However, additional visits to the Cathedral are to be considered at a later date.


Salisbury Cathedral, 2015. What to see [online]. Salisbury Cathedral. Available from: [Accessed 16 February 2015].


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