Idea Development

My proposed app design idea for the ‘Applied Design’ live project involves the development of an app which stimulates users to want to take a selfie. The idea takes key inspiration from the interactive displays ‘Make a face’ and ‘Strike a pose’, exhibited at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Audiences are given a selection of photo imagery of paintings and or statues and are then asked to imitate the facial expressions and pose of the character portrayed in the image. The taken selfies will have the ability to be shared via social networking and or uploaded to a Magna #selfie library of content. Below are graphic representations of this proposed app design:


The app design complies to the Magna Carta exhibition through its history and displays and responds to the given brief effectively. It is aimed at an audience of 13 years and above and is designed as a component of an App. The app is to respond to the design agencies style guidance and colour theme, which will be concluded at a further arranged meeting with Redballon. With relation to the proposed app design key concepts and ideas to be explored include identity, performance and the idea of the selfie as a performance phenomenon. These topics will be explored in conjunction to the proposed app design allowing me to gain a better insight into the specific area of interest.

Below is a flow chart I created in, it is to demonstrate the process of user interaction of which an individual can take when utilising the proposed app component:


I created a mood board representation in illustrator to illustrate the proposed ideas and process of development I wish to take throughout the ‘Applied Design’ live project. Following a group seminar, this mood board is to be used as a source of pitching to my fellow colleagues, about myself and my specific area of interest, to then be placed into relative groups according to these aspects. I have chosen specifically to construct my mood board in a way that demonstrates my passion for the role of manager within the project, I have done this by including iterative methodology processes and constructions of interaction.



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