Magna Carta

I decided to undertake key background research on the Magna Carta, in doing so it allowed me to inform the generation of idea development with relation to the project brief as well as to better understand its full background. The research included the exploration of various forms of mediums such as online articles, documental evidence (books) and online reports. In researching this topic I found that the Magna Carta was signed in June 1215 between the barons of Medieval England and King John. ‘Magna Carta’ is Latin and means “Great Charter”. In addition, the Magna Carta is believed to be one of the most important documents of Medieval England.


History Learning (2014) states that the Magna Carta was signed (by royal seal) between the feudal barons and King John at Runnymede near Windsor Castle. The document was a series of written promises between the King and his subjects that he, the King, would govern England and deal with its people according to the customs of feudal law. Furthermore, the Magna Carta was an attempt by the barons to stop a King – in this case John – abusing his power with the people of England suffering. The following information that has been collected can be used to develop concepts with such as historic characters and or historic facts.

Moreover, with relation to the project brief and the Magna Carta Exhibition, it is important for us to identify what elements are planned to exist within the exhibition at Salisbury Cathedral. This is to ensure that we can direct and develop an app that reflects both the ideals and nature of the exhibition. In ensuring the following it will allow us to develop an effective app that ties in and corresponds to the exhibition and its specific branding. Below is a screenshot of the Salisbury Cathedral Webpage for the Magna Carta exhibition:

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 17.00.22

The exhibition media elements are to adopt a specific colour scheme and layout; this is to be discussed further in detail at a meeting with RedBalloon. Graphics as well as video material have already been produced by RedBalloon for the purposes of this exhibition, our app is to reflect and accompany these graphics and visuals tying in to the whole desired audience experience of the exhibition. Below is a promotional video that has been produced by RedBalloon for the Magna Carta exhibition:


History Learning,  2014. Magna Carta [online]. History Learning Cite. Available from: [Accessed 6 February 2015].

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Salisbury Cathedral, 2015. Magna Carta Exhibition [online]. Salisbury Cathedral. Available from: [Accessed 6 Feburary 2015].


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