Design Iterations

Final Evaluation 

Within the management environment iterative process, it is essential to review evaluation as a key stage to a products development. This specific iterative process allows the ability for us to re-evaluate, improve and redefine a design, and therefore create potential future development opportunities.

Overall having weighed up the following factors, I believe that I have successfully created a piece of interactive information design for a shared public space, which intends to elucidate and explain some idea or concept we perceive key to our 21st Century media experience. From user testing I found my project to be a success in reflecting the concepts and ideals. I believe that I have a better understanding not only of Processing but also as following the design iterative process. Throughout my blog I linked the theory modules that I studied to my practice (media spaces and identity) thus successfully obtaining a better understanding of this theory and allowing me to utilise effective theoretical analysis. I followed the management environment iterative process through the whole development of my interactive graphic, this process allowed me to re-evaluate, re-define and gain required feedback for future development opportunities. I will be going on to further discuss the future development opportunities for my interactive graphic.


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