Design Iterations

Evaluation Of User Testing

Within this process I elected to choose user testing to help evaluate the success of my interactive information graphic with its reflection of key concepts. I interviewed a male and female representative, a dancer, along with taking random audience participants on the display day. From both observation and interviewing individuals I found that the movements they took in interacting with my piece included ‘stretching the box’, ‘crouching’, ‘expanding the box’ and ‘moving arms outwards and inwards compressing and pushing out the box’. These movements corresponded to the concept of claustrophobia and its ideals of entrapment extremely well, in that individuals try to relieve themselves from the space by stretching the bounding box as well as confining themselves within the box. Furthermore in relation to their understanding, feedback I received included ideas such as ‘entrapment’, ‘adaptation’, ‘containment and entrapment of humans in space’, ‘breaking free and making their own space’, ‘enclosing’ and ‘tracking’.

Furthermore from given feedback, I have noted that my participants liked how the piece ‘adapted’, said it was ‘fun’, ‘dynamic’, ‘interactive’, ‘conformed to movements’ and that the ‘more you move, the more you see around you’. My participants left feeling emotions of ‘light heartedness’, ‘energy’, ‘fun’ as well as ‘isolation’. I am extremely happy from the given feedback, as it suggests a successful product was produced relating to key concepts.


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