Design Iterations

Reflection Of The Concepts

In reflecting upon my interactive information graphic (product) and its response to the brief, I found it correlated extremely well. The reason being that it was displayed on one of the public screens in Weymouth House, Bournemouth University but also it reflected upon concepts we perceive to be key to our 21st Century media experience. These concepts include claustrophobia in the digital World, media spaces and technology as a performance phenomenon. The concept of claustrophobia is based upon the idea that we are stuck inside what is deemed a ‘super-brain’ and categorised by such as web based-algorithms. Thus coinciding to limitations of both what we see and what information is available to us online. This super-brain constructs an enclosed media space of access which furthemore links back to claustrophobia and entrapment.

The concept of media space was utilised in conjunction with Anthony Gormley – Blind Light installation, in that the individuals who participate become the art itself. In addition it is also relevant to Floryan’s (2011) suggestions in that my interactive graphic only becomes art when individuals interact with the piece. Moreover participants are placed into a disorientating situation, a bounding box. The visual effect of a bounding box demonstrates both the ideas of enclosure and entrapment from a visual perspective, which leads on to the key concept of claustrophobia. The bounding box I believe is a exceedingly brilliant representation of claustrophobia, as it encloses individuals to the smallest of boundaries based upon their physical dimensions. In addition the bounding box reflects the concept, in that what ever movements an individual takes leaves traces and reflects the given space, similarly to how our algorithm generated identities reflect various search engines.

Lastly the concept of technology as a performance pheneomenon was heavily inspired by Disorder by CENC in that it combines aspects of performance (dance) and Processing. Disorder, demonstrates technologies potential in creating performance phenomenons with computer generated imagery. I utilised this concept within my own work, combining both dance and Processing to create a visually beautiful performance for audience purposes.


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