Design Iterations

Interactive Graphic – Testing in Weymouth House

I tested my interactive graphic in Weymouth House to ensure all equipment was working correctly prior to its display. First I tested the HDMI cable to ensure that it worked effectively by connecting the laptop to the public screen. As demonstrated in the images below, this allowed me to mirror my laptop screen onto the tv screen. I then went on to further testing which included cables, camera and converter which connected to my laptop. I found the connection worked well, however I needed to change the code in my interactive graphic to select a different camera input ‘ADVC-100’.


This is the code I changed in my interactive graphic to select the ‘ADVC-100’ camera input:

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 11.55.01

I encountered one main problem which was that the camera was not picking up the same quality of lighting. Therefore the blob detection library was not working effectively at picking up the darkest elements in the live feed.


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