Design Iterations

Weymouth House – Media Space: Locations Of Technology Inputs Re-established

My previous plan of the space had to be re-established due to various reasons, including the fact that certain equipment was unavailable for use, such as the freestanding white background board. In addition, there were issues with its positioning due to the screen blocking the Costa Coffee Cafe plus the projector output display was not of a high quality. In solving these issues I resulted to using two preliminary spaces, as shown below. The first space incorporates a blank white background wall which is perfect for the purposes of my interactive graphic, in that figures can be picked up effectively in front by picking up the dancer or participants as the darkest points in the image. I will be connecting the equipment from one space to the other with wiring along the tops of the ceiling. I have chosen to use a free-standing video camera to allow for a better quality image as well as positioning. The audience can watch the dancers being filmed as well as see my interactive graphic at work on the public screens.


I will be going on to test the equipment to ensure everything is working accordingly prior to the display of my interactive graphic.


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