Design Iterations

User Testing 

For the purposes of user testing I questioned both a female and male representative ‘Jessica Hartill’ and ‘Peter Avis’ on my interactive graphic. The questions I asked were chosen in my user testing plan and were given accordingly after both representatives had utilised the graphic for 5-10 minutes.


These are the following answers received:

1. What movements did you find yourself doing when interacting with the piece? 

JH: I found myself moving my arms up and down a lot to enlarge the graphic and side-to-side to stretch it as far as I could. I repeated movements a lot to such as crouching and walking across in front of the screen to see how the image would change.

PA: I found myself waving my arms around, and moving them in different directions to see how the black box moves. In addition I found myself jumping up and down and moving side to side.

 2. What do you understand about the piece? 

JH: I presume that is a variation of a standard graphic you would find in a webpage as it is much more interactive. You control how the image distorts by your body movements, which is quite different.

PA: I understand that I cant get my body parts out of the black box. It is as if the piece is tracking the edges of my body.

3. What do you like about the piece? 

JH: It was fun to use, so strange at first but it was interesting. I was able to control what was happening on the screen without touching it so it was really cool.

PA: I like the fact that I can interact with the piece physically instead of using buttons or controllers.

4. What emotions and feelings did you experience when interacting with the piece? 

JH: At first it was so strange as it’s so different but I enjoyed it. I found the piece to be quite fun and entertaining I would easily be occupied by it for hours.

PA: I felt a sense of isolation because I wanted to move my body parts outside the black box but the black box prevented me.

5. If the piece was to be further developed what would you want from the piece in terms of interaction? 

JH: I would want the piece to maybe incorporate different backgrounds or different scenarios in which you could use the graphic. At times it froze a little but it didn’t really matter, as it is so fun to use.

PA: If you do certain movements such as raising both hands the colour of the black box could change. The black box could change in relation to the type of movement or gesture.

After all the user testing information is collated I will then go on to evaluate the responses, in order to gauge whether or not my interactive graphic is a successful product and what possible future improvements can be made.


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