Design Iterations

Development with the Blob Detection Library 

Upon experimenting with the Blob Detection Library code, I was able to change the colour of the bounding box, remove blob’edges and blur from the video as well as limiting the quantity of bounding boxes to 1. By completing these tasks my development of the information graphic is definitely coming along well, in that I now have the bounding box containment element coded to my specific design.

The following images were taken in this development process with fellow colleagues interacting with my interactive graphic:


The Blob Detection Libraries ‘bounding box’ picks up the darkest elements in the video and places a bounding box round these elements. In this case it is essential to ensure that in the display of my information graphic that there is a white background (board) and the dancers are dressed in black to get the best overall performance effect. As you can see, in the following screenshots the bounding box can become extremely distracted by its location background. In addition individuals bodies are not being contained as a whole within the bounding box. To resolve this problem I decided upon altering a part of the Blob Detections Library code so that +2 is added to each side of the bounding box from the point it hits the dark element, therefore ensuring that individuals are contained within that box.


I believe the other elements I could look at changing or adding include making the width of the bounding box thicker so it stands out more as an element. Also in addition by adding sound to the information graphic for the purposes of performance.


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