Design Iterations

Blob Detection Library

In order to create a bounding box for my interactive graphic, I went onto explore the various processing libraries which utilise similar elements. Whilst researching I came across the Blob Detection Library. The Blob Detection library is aimed at computer vision by finding ‘blobs’ on an image, that is to say areas whose brightness is above or below a particular value. It computes both blobs’edges and blobs’bounding box (Blob Detection Library 2014). The Blob Detection Library is a perfect fit towards my information graphic idea. It includes a form of bounding box which has the ability to be altered to create the enclosed claustrophobic space which I want to achieve. However there are aspects in the library that I will not be using including blobs’edges.


Going forward I will be using the following library in the creation of my interactive graphic. In further development of my interactive graphic I will alter the code, experiment and carry out testing prior to its display.


Blob Detection Library, 2014. Intro [online]. v3ga. Available from: [Accessed 9 December 2014].


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