Design Iterations

Weymouth House –  Media Space: Locations Of Technology Inputs

In determining the positioning and equipment needed to display my interactive graphic, I went to Weymouth House to explore the space and drew up exactly where each specific equipment should be located in relation to the space and chosen screen. As you can see in the below image the equipment needed for the display of my information graphic includes the following: projector, projector cable, camera, camera cable, TV screen, HDMI cable, laptop, table and a white background board. These specific equipment pieces have been allocated and drawn onto a visual image of that space as shown below.


In terms of interaction, the audience will be most likely positioned to the right of the location and the dancer or participants will be positioned in front of the white backboard. By doing this it will allow the camera to pick up an accurate figure representation of the dancers or participants, as well as give a great viewing point for the purposes of performance.


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