Design Iterations

Media Spaces 

During the exploration of media spaces I identified an extremely riveting installation design by Anthony Gormley – ‘Blind Light’ (2007). The Installation challenges individuals to see for themselves, luring them into a reinforced glass box that then surrounds them in a cloud of bright white fog. Gormley described the work to force individuals to face a disorientating situation. Gormley also said “You immediately are lost in space and that makes you anxious. But at the same time, I think there is a sense of euphoria that you are almost free of the body whilst being returned to it in a new way” (Today 2007). The individuals who participate in the installation, become almost the art itself. These aspects demonstrated in the installation are something which I want to encompass in my own work, in that individuals are placed into a disorienting situation – a claustrophobic space . In addition to this, I would like to include the same aspects that when you leave the installation you become free of the space and when you’re in the installation you become the art itself.

These following images are images taken of the ‘Blind Light’ Installation:

gormley-blind-light gormley-blind-light-hand


Today, 2007. Box-of-fog art installation descends on London [online]. Today. Available from: [Accessed 6th December 2014].

Walters, H., 2012. Making space within and without: Antony Gormley at TEDGlobal2012 [online]. TED Blog. Available from: [Accessed 6th December 2014].


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