I chose to utilise performance as a key aspect within my interactive graphic design. In exploring its terminology and representations I found that performance is essentially deemed as an ‘act of presenting a play, concert or other form of entertainment'(Oxford Dictionary 2014). I decided upon combining the aspect of performance (dance) with Processing to demonstrate technology and its potential to create a performance phenomenon.

The following examples shown below are projects which combine these two factors of performance (dance) and Processing.

Unnamed soundsculpture is a project built upon the consideration of creating a moving sound sculpture from the recorded motion data of a real person. This piece of work combines both aspects of performance and Processing exceedingly well. In that every movement the dancer takes the camera footage allows for any imaginable perspective (Franke 2014).

Replica is another exceedingly intricate performance art project, produced by Jeff Howard and Alex Vessels. Replica was designed for the Big Screens class at ITP and was exhibited on the 120 foot long video wall, at the IAC building in New York. Replica is a performance which uses live image processing to explore how the awareness of time affects the perception of self-image. Patterns unfold creating a dialogue between the performer and her representation, bringing the contrast of control and authenticity into question (Jaz Jaz 2014) . The project as a whole is a fascinatingly intricate piece of work which exudes the ideas of performance and technology through Processing.

In terms of production and performance these two examples demonstrate what I am trying to achieve visually in my interactive graphic and how Processing can be utilised to create such a visual performance.


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