Bounding Box

Within the development of my installation graphic I have chose to utilise a ‘minimum bounding box’ as a way to portray claustrophobia in the digital world. The bounding box is to be utilised to enclose a dancer in the smallest of given spaces formed around their physical dimensions, which will be picked up through the use of a camera (camera tracking).  I will be exploring further what a ‘bounding box’ is and what it does, as well as how it can be utilised in the project to create a successful representation of claustrophobia in the digital world.

A minimum bounding box is the smallest enclosing rectangle of an object aligned to a set of axis. It is represented by 4 parameters corresponding to the (x, y) coordinates in space that define the lower left and upper right vertices of its perimeter. It is essentially used as an approximation object in spatial indexes as well as in other areas such as object intersection and collision detection (Rye 2014). The following pictures present a visual demonstration of what a bounding box achieves:

400px-Minimum_bounding_rectangle.svg wcnG6l player_bbox

The visual effect of a ‘bounding box’ really demonstrates the ideas of enclosure and entrapment from a visual perspective, which then leads on to claustrophobia. It can be used to enclose individuals to the smallest of boundaries based upon their physical dimensions.


Rye, E., 2014. Minimum Bounding Box (MBB). Minnesota: University of Minnesota.


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