Design Iterations

Individual Project – Idea Development

With combining the concepts identity, media spaces and performance, I started to develop some initial ideas on Photoshop. Within my individual project I will investigate the idea of claustrophobia in the online digital world, where we are stuck inside what is deemed a ‘super brain’ and categorised.

When looking at claustrophobia I think of ‘entrapment’, where you are stuck inside a space and it is difficult to get out. My idea was to use a box as the representation of claustrophobia, where you are either stuck inside that box or whatever you do leaves traces and or reflects the given space.

With the concept of performance I decided upon using dance as a performance phenomenon. In my project I will be using Processing to develop and create my idea, I was particularly inspired by the piece Disorder by CENC which used Processing -computer generated imagery and dance to produce a visually beautiful performance.

Below are my initial ideas which I created in Photoshop, I wanted to ensure that my initial idea images show exactly what I want to be achieved and I believe them to be very effective in its representation.

Idea 1.

My first idea was to put a dancer inside a bounding box, where whatever move the dancer makes, the box responds to the movement accordingly, keeping the dancer ‘entrapped’. This idea really contributes to the play on idea of claustrophobia where the dancer is stuck inside a space, and ‘boxed’ off – categorised.  

04 03 02 01

Idea 2.

My second idea is quite similar to my first, however being that the space only revolves around the dimension that the dancer takes up within that space. A bounding box is being used, the box responding to the movements accordingly, keeping the dancer ‘entrapped’. 

06 copy 05 copy17 16

Idea 3.

My third idea is based upon leaving traces in a space, where whatever move an individual makes is boxed off and categorised and only deleted – ‘faded out’ when enough new sufficient data is available. The idea develops upon claustrophobia being that the dancer is enclosed and constantly being categorised within that space. 

09 08 07 06

Idea 4.

My fourth idea is that which ever move and or movement the dancer takes up in the space, entraps boxes – categorises on the dancer, categorising the dancer on their choices. The piece is visually beautiful exuding the visual aspect of raining boxes as well as in keeping with the idea of claustrophobia, in that the dancer cannot keep away from these categories – their algorithm generated identities. 

13 12 11 10


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