Independent Dorset

Independent Dorset Evaluation

Based on our research and analysis, we came to the conclusion that the space in general was not ideal for the use of poster displays.

From observation we found that the space was extremely fast-paced and most individuals were pre-occupied in conversation, viewing various mobile devices or travelling through the space to get from A to B and not absorbing the predominant surroundings.

The spacial walls we established to be exceedingly busy with a vast range of current poster displays already set in place. In addition the colour theme of the space was distracting in itself, incorporating dominant bright orange themed walls contrasting against a pale white.

Overall I found our findings to be somewhat thought-provoking in the understanding of the space. From observing various individuals we found them to be dis-interested in the visuals obscuring the space however their attention did daze towards the various digital screens. Through this project we put the iterative process into practice where our ideas were cyclically prototyped, tested and evaluated. This process was extremely beneficial in the allowance of utilising critical feedback to go back and re-design or re-think an idea, to ensure an effective outcome is achieved.

As a group we felt we could further develop our understanding of the space by interviewing a greater number of individuals, tracking what catches peoples eyes and experimenting with various objects to observe our individuals reactions in our given space.


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