Independent Dorset

The Space – Foyer, Weymouth House

As a group we investigated, observed and evaluated the space (Foyer, Weymouth House) in order to specify the correct position of our poster.

We perceived the space to be a modern, clean and functional environment. Primarily used as a social space with a café and seating area as well as a route for people to travel through.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.08.25 Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.08.18

We wanted to pinpoint who the primary audience was and we found from observation that the primary audience were students and prospective students.

Percentages of various audiences who use the foyer, Weymouth House:

– students and prospective students 70%
– lecturers 20%
– visitors 5%
– tradesmen 5%

Activities taken out in the space:

– travelling through the space
– consuming food and beverages
– use of various mobile devices
– talking within social circles and or peers
– relaxation before lectures and seminars
– individual or group study

Graphics and visuals occupying the space:

– educational and informative posters (varying sizes)
– various sized screens (widescreen and panorama) showing students work and news networks
– coloured walls (orange) juxtapose white walls
– props, Sully and the Tardis
– small filming area
– timeline of visual technology through multiple posters

In evaluating the space we found that the most effective places to position the poster included:

– the pillar by the café – due to when waiting in a queue the audience tended to look around much more and the pillar is visible from a distance.
– in sully’s hand – because the sully character is extremely eye catching, taking up a large space and has a distinct character (the character is positioned with one hand up which draws the eye).
– the wall positioned horizontally off the entrance – due to the lights shine on part of the wall, which is eye-catching.

We decided that the best overall space to position our poster was in Sully’s hand. The character stands at the entrance of the foyer and is extremely difficult to miss and therefore will grab the attention of our audience.


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