Independent Dorset

Idea Development – Mini Brief

As a group we started brainstorming ideas of what we portray to be Dorset, looking at historical features in Dorset such as Corfe Castle to the general geographical structure of Dorset.

Our research techniques included internet exploration and interviewing of current occupants of Dorset. From looking at other areas of the World and how they can be interpreted, we came across the following designs:


The designs used the geographical structure of a location and then filled the space with the following location names. We perceived the design to be extremely effective with its use of contrasting colours, a limited colour palette and the striking image of the location.

We took key inspiration from the design and developed the idea of using the geographical structure of Dorset. With the wording inside we started playing on a variety of words linking to the general concept of ‘Independence’.

As a group, we starting developing this idea creating the following Photoshop mock-up designs:
Upon reflection we chose to further develop the 3rd design for the final poster, we chose this design as we found the geographical structure of Dorset was not known to the occupants of Dorset as an image and that the actually wording of Dorset and filling ‘Dorset, with words of ‘Independence’ was far more striking and familiar.


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