Beatrice Prior – Erudite Database App Design

I signed myself up to do a 5 week online Course with the Adobe Generation.

In the first week we were introduced to Ripple Emulator and Brackets we were then given a Challenge brief to design our own Bio App.

This is the work I produced in my first week, the app is based upon the film Divergent on a main character ‘Beatrice Prior’ I designed the app as though it would be used as a database by the Erudite Faction.

The Erudite Faction is known for being clever and smart so I really wanted the colour theme and font style to reflect this, I chose a futuristic font ‘Neuropol’ and the colour theme blue, grey and black. Blue is a very pure colour and reflects Erudite as the faction deals with medicine and the overall science of the land.

The overall outcome was most pleasing all aspects linked well together with the use of transition sliders, drop downs and simplistic layouts and imagery.






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