Jamie T – Typography

I decided upon designing an additional typography, as the first one ‘XMEN – Day’s of Futures Past’ was more of an experiment to see what effects and transitions could add to a simplistically designed typography. This has been beneficial to me with regards to the overall design and narrative of the piece.

After extensive research within both a collection of songs and lyrics, I finally settled upon ‘Jamie T – If You Got The Money’. This decision was made based on the words having a strong storyline,  I felt the Youtube video did not actually do the song much justice as it was only a basic design showing the band playing and the audience dancing. Creating a typography of the song, allows the audience to focus more on the lyrics.  The lyrics are clearly audible and extremely snappy,  the benefits as a designer is when transitioning each word into the typography it can be done at a reasonable pace.

This typography was designed for the specific age group of 13-25 with those with a keen interest in music and lyrics.

When planning this design typography was chosen as though words were being written on a chalkboard by the teacher and the children in the class room were drawing images which related to those words.  The font style chosen was ‘Reane Beenie’, as this font is similar in relation to a persons handwriting on a chalkboard. The font colour was a white/grey colour chosen to replicate chalk writing.

This was my outcome.

In analysing this piece of work, I believe the successful aspects were the narrative written on a chalkboard, the drawings working well with the lyrics as they are positioned within a childs’ reach and the writing positioned to the teachers reach within a classroom.

The more negative aspects of the work includes panning in and out of the piece, as the chalkboard is supposed to be a fixed environment and this effect negates this concept. Following this outcome I supposed to go back and resolve this issue and redevelop this piece to get the desired outcome.


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