X-Men Trailer Typography

Looking at the plan I completed on Photoshop, I then continued onto After Effects to produce my typography design to the trailer ‘X-Men – Day’s of Future Past (2014)’. I kept to my initial design plan however there were aspects which could be improved with the use of effects and masks which I could apply to this typography.

The lyrics from the trailer were cropped to about a minute long on Garageband to shorten the length of the typography. My desired result was to end the typography on a punchy part of the trailer  ‘a different path. a darker path’.

The typography was heavily influenced by Saul Bass, with the way he used contrasting colours and simple geometric shapes to create powerful messages through words. This is well fitted to the chosen trailer ‘X-Men – Day’s of Future Past (2014)’ as the words spoken are very mystique and alluring. This is a main element the typography enhances with its’ simplicity and contrasting design.

This is an example of the famous ‘Bob Dylan – Don’t look back ‘, words have been used to represent a song as well as enhance the narrative of the lyrics.

With implementing all chosen design critiques this was the final outcome for the typography.

The typography mini project has been most beneficial,  I felt my outcome was extremely satisfactory and by experimenting enhanced my skills and ability with all the different effects to interpret the words of the trailer. I have now decided upon the creating an additional typography, one which is heavily planned as a design piece as well as an interpretation of a song.


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