Sunset and Sunrise Timelapse

Tom Hawkins and I ( decided to collaborate to produce our own sunset and sunrise time-lapse in a 2 day pre planned photography and image processing project. I was in charge of the editing of the photography and Tom was in charge of Image Processing. For the organisation of this photo-shoot we booked out a Canon EOS 50D and a tripod for the 13th March to the 14th March. In pre-production we discussed locations in Bournemouth (cliff tops) and found the exact time the sun would set for the day.

We left for the beach at 6:00pm in time for the sunset at 6:23pm on the 13th of March. Unfortunately when we got to our location we could not get the great visual of the sun setting as we hoped; there was a great deal of tree coverage in the direction the sun was due to set. Despite this key problem we decided to continue to do the time-lapse with the visual we had so we could see the resulting outcome we achieved. We took a series photos and noticed there was some colour change in the sky as well as cloud movement, the trees looked like silhouettes and gave a great contrast to the colour of the sky.

Afterwards we uploaded the photos, Tom resized the images, processed them on Terminal and edited them on Photoshop. These images were then sent over to me on one drive so I was able to consolidate them on Premiere.

On Premiere I added the photos to a sequence changing the size of the images again to fit the viewport and changing the length of each photo in the sequence to produce a much faster time-lapse.  In addition to this I searched for a piece of music to fit in with our time-lapse on I chose the song EFIX & FLINT – Wild Boy and downloaded this track through youtube converter. After doing this I then cropped the track in Garageband and added it to the time-lapse in Premiere. Then finally exporting the time-lapse to a .MOV file.

This was our final outcome for the sunset time-lapse : 

We also planned to do a sunrise time-lapse we left at 6:00am on the 14th March however when getting to our location it was another disappointment as the fog completely hid the sun from our view.


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