Beach Timelapse

Tom Hawkins and I ( decided to do another time-lapse when we found that the sunrise option was not possible.  We decided to do a time-lapse of the sea with the tide coming in and out. The weather on the 14th March was rather foggy therefore we had to change the settings on the camera and adjust the focus accordingly.

Following the photoshoot Tom cropped the photos and edited them on Photoshop and returned them sent them over One Drive. I then collated the photos on Premiere pro adjusting their size to the viewpoint and the speed of each photo in sequence. I trawled to find a suitable track to fit this beach time-lapse and downloaded it via youtube converter. The chosen  to go with the time-lapse was ODESZA – Sun models (feat. Madelyn Grant). The beat of this song fitted perfectly with the footage we had taken and gave an echoing effect to the tide which was very effective. For this time-lapse I edited the footage with a ping pong reversing effect throughout the clip.

This was our final outcome :


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