Kinetic Typography Photoshop Designs

In designing my Kinetic Typography I found it easier to map out visually a plan of the typography in a storyboard format, this  allowed me to think more in depth of the design of the typography rather than going straight onto After Effects and allowing the software to drive this design. This was something which I wanted to avoid.

Saul Bass is a known artist to me and I was heavily influenced by his designs for my typography with his use of contrasting colours and block imagery. This is one of my favourite pieces of his work.

I wanted to take his design techniques and interpret them and extend them in my own way such as the contrasting use of colours black against white and these rectangular lines he forms around his work. In my own designs I have chosen to use contrasting colours black against yellow as yellow and black have been proven to improve readability .I will also add and slide in these rectangular shapes into my typography throughout the sequence.




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