Location Spotting Alpha Centauri

For our channel project we had to go location spotting to find the best locations in bournemouth for representing our new planet ‘Alpha Centauri‘, In doing so it allowed us to produce the best footage to fit our project including a beautiful scenary, a great ecosystem and wildlife. In addition we have also chosen to find run down places in bournemouth to represent earth and how it’s damaged and used, persuading the inhabitants of earth to make the choice to move to our new planet ‘Alpha Centauri’.

996112_616024465100967_1525366592_n 1607003_616024445100969_404429820_n 1546029_616043475099066_806411197_n 1607131_616038091766271_783698342_n 65671_616043241765756_1014381254_n 1526980_616039068432840_779150741_n 1013310_616047115098702_1044200547_n1526897_10151950287030835_1881930583_n


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