My Logo Design

I decided to design my own logo on Adobe Illustrator which I could use and add to pieces of work aswell as my Porfolio Website.

When designing my logo I chose to use the two basic colours black and white, In doing so it allowed me to design my logo so that if in print it will still look as expected and designed to look, I did not want any flaws in my design that would be a disadvantage to me as a designer.  I could always edit this logo add colour to certain places and use it in different pieces of work however insuring it looks effective in black and white was of great importance to me.

Logo design

I played around with shapes and font styles with my Initials ‘SN’ and this was my final outcome. I tried to achieve this connected look with the ‘S’ touching the “N’ almost carrying it like a Jenga piece. I wanted to use a circle shape round the initials but found a actual paint stroke gave a great artistic flare to my logo design .

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