Channel Project Storyboard

For the Alpha Centauri project I was nominated  to be responsible for producing the script as well as the storyboard.

Below are the storyboards for both Scene 3 and Scene 4, these will be used as a guideline for filming which includes a narrators script as well as the length in time for each scene and what each scene contains. Most of the imagery for Scene 3 will have be footage found off the Internet. Unfortunately we are not physically capable to produce the footage ourself e.g. the space footage.


For Scene 4’s design I drew each figure (centurion) on Illustrator using a graphic tablet and pen, the main focus was to ensure they look as futuristic as possible, for instance with the hairstyles and clothing.  Each clip on the first page is about 2 seconds long allowing the advert to be extremely snappy and attention grabbing.

Scene 4 will be shot at Cranbourne Halls against a white background, the choice of clothing will either be blue or green to reflect a more calming environment.



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