Channel Project

We have been given a new brief in lesson to develop our own future brand channel and video content. The main task being to speculate into the future and design an online channel, with a defined audience , complete with site branding and sample video/audio content.

The channel should be fictional set at a projected point in the future which promotes or reports on one of the following areas : Travel,Health,Entertainment,Architecture,Politics or Environment. It should also contain a series of web-episodes which include up to 6 minutes of online footage (Video & Audio Content).

Website materials, mobile content and social networking should be though upon to link with the channel.

We were put into groups in my group is Libby Odai, Bob Moir, Inayat Mirza , Luke Monet and Jaymini Parmar. When put into groups we all came together and mind mapped all different ideas for the channel project.

Ideas we came up with linked with the areas teleportation, new spaces, worlds and living and telekinesis. 

One Idea was to have a man who had a teleportation glitch ; this man could glitch all over the world at any random moment. The whole channel would be drawn upon his life and living with this issue he has.

Another idea was to do a channel about telekinesis and robotics how this technology can change lives of people all over the world and the benefits it has.

The final idea which was chosen by the group was to be a company which is trying to get people to move to a different planet (habitable planet founded) such as ‘Alpha Centauri’.The channels we would do would be promotion of the new planet – Advertising videos of the planet, comparison videos between Earth and Alpha Centauri and history channels of how the planet was founded. There could be a website linked with this company which includes an application and contact information in order to move to this new planet.


The whole idea we have is based into the future where everyone knows that ‘earths resources are running out and the earth will be destroyed at a certain date’ this date will be the countdown to planet earth. We are one of so many advertising companies trying to get people from earth to move to this new planet, the planet is run by a government who founded the planet, the founder being Mr Alpha Centauri .  We are trying to advertise by Adverts, News Channels etc to try and get people to become a ‘Centurion!’ All videoing and editing in this project will be done so that Alpha Centauri looks like this magical beautiful place ,with plenty of resources and the most modern designed living and then in contrast make earth look polluted, used and damaged.

This is a news article I found on one habitable planet discovery

Each person has different tasks to carry out in this project :

Everyone – Location hunting.

Libby – Sound recording – Production Manager (books camera’s does assessment forms)
Bob – Logo design and Storyboard
Jaymini – Editing & Web design
Luke – Director of filming & Cameraman
Inayat – Web design & Social networks & Costume design
Suzanne- Storyboard & Script


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