Death of the Author


The emergence of the concept of the author according to Barthes was seen at the ‘end of the middle ages’. 

Barthes perspective on the notion of literacy criticism (and the critic) was that ‘it is language that speaks, not the author’; ‘language alone acts, “performs,” and not “oneself’. This criticism is saying that language is what engages readers and what speaks to the reader not the author. Language is more powerful than the author who writes it.

‘The author is never more anything more than the man who writes, just as I is no more than the man who says I: language knows a “subject”, not a “person,”‘ . It is what is written that is the better importance not who has written.

The reader is who ultimately constructs meaning in a text with reference to a website for instance the reader relates to the website through imagery, text such as the logo and the pages (history page, contact page) on the website as well as the content.

The reader is who constructs the purpose of the website through reading the text; the language used will tell the reader what the website is for and how it relates to them as individuals. Websites are designed for particular audiences – readers the text font, style , layout, colour scheme is all designed to the specific readers in mind allowing the best perception of the website/company.

Therefore the reader is the key importance of any website he/she is the key element to a website as a website is designed for a particular reader in mind , it is there to engage the reader to the best standard and be as informative as possible.


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