Manovich argues that digital media has brought about a number of “media-independent techniques” which he identifies as “searchability, findability, linkability”. One technique that is also a media independent technique which has not been identified by Manovich is the “shareability” of digital media.

The dictionary definition of ‘sharing’, is the joint use of a resource or space between people. When in reference to software, sharing has different purposes and actions, for instance it can be to share imagery on social networks therefore ‘posting’ an item on an account news feed. Another use of sharing can be changing the permission of access rights to a folder or document; this is very common in bussinesses in order to allow effective data protection.  ‘Shareability’ should be identified as another media independent technique such as those which Manovich has previously identified; sharing on different platforms permits different actions to be taken out it is independant in each circumstance used as it is never the same and not cross platform.

I am now going to talk about 3 circumstances where all these techniques are used…

1. Instagram.


Seachability Technique.

Instagram allows users to search imagery by typing in certain phrases into a search bar such as ‘flowers’, ‘cats’ etc. In doing so Instagram searches all tags and names posted by users and lists all photos which relate to the phrase typed.

Findability Technique

Instagram allows users to add the location of the photo taken by allowing Instagram to connect to maps on mobile , iPad or Android etc. In doing so you can also post the location of each photo taken.

Linkability Technique

Instagram allows you to link photos by tagging a photo #cat  #hugs users tend to tag photos with different phrases to what the photo affiliates with.

Shareabilty Technique

Instagram allows users to post photos posted on Instagram to a number of other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.

2. Facebook


Searchability Technique

Facebook allows users to search for different users by a search bar at the top they can type in peoples names and it will display all users on Facebook with that name.

Findability Technique

Facebooks allows user to when posting statuses to post their location along with that status in doing so it posts a small map location of where they are for instance Vue Cinema Bristol.

Linkability Technique

Facebooks allows users to tag other friends into a status in doing so the status will post on the other friends account profiles.

Shareabilty Technique

Facebook allows users to share videos from youtube to Facebook by posting the URL in a status. When sharing an image may also be shared along with the link to the video.

3. Spotify


Searchabilty Technique

Spotify allows users to search for particular songs by typing in the artists name or the album cover/song into a search bar. When clicked search it will come up with all tracks with that artists name/ album cover etc.

Findabilty Technique

Spotify allows users to see what other users connected to them are listening to 24/7 this is done by a news feed on the right hand side. It allows users to see when they were listening to that particular song and what they were listening to .

Linkability Technique

Spotify allows users to link music together by creating playlists for general listening. In doing so all songs placed into the playlists are listed when clicked on.

Shareability Technique

Spotify allows users to share music by messaging songs to different users to listen to .


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