Porfolio Design Idea 2

With designing my portfolio website I have decided to redesign and look into another visual concept idea. I have drawn up another design for my portfolio website. This design is to be a ‘responsive website’ where the website can be viewed on different platforms and devices to a set layout.


My new design will include a transition from the home page to the work page this will be done by clicking an arrow. The screen box will vary on each page being smaller on the about me page as well as the home page and much larger on the work page to allow sufficient scrolling through work.

Instead of the navigation bar being words such as ‘home page’ and ‘about page’ I have decided to use icons with hover over text boxes above. In doing this I feel the design will be more Interactive, fun and simplistic. Each Icon will relate to the page it is navigating to i.e.. folder icon being work page, twitter symbol being a link to twitter etc.

My Portfolio website content will include a slideshow on the homepage, brief text on the about page as well as an image of myself, an email entry form on the contact page and presentation of work by imagery and captions on the work page.

My website will link to Twitter, Linked in and my Blog.


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