My Porfolio – Responsive Website or Non-Responsive


After researching thoroughly the pro’s and con’s of responsive design I have decided to focus on developing a creative design that will be non-responsive as it will I believe optimise the design and layout I want to achieve in the finished output.

However there is the option to change my design to a responsive system in the future by creating different formats of my portfolio for different screen sizes i.e. mobile etc.

This is one of the key websites I looked at for researching responsive design :

The main advantage of having a responsive design for my portfolio would be that it avoids the need to update multiple sites for desktop and mobile devices.  This would be a significant advantage over the long term however with my set layout being landscape it would be more difficult to create.

One of the key disadvantages of adopting responsive design for my portfolio would be that the initial design and development process for responsive web design is commonly regarded to be longer and costlier than traditional fixed-width design due to it being a far more complex process to implement.


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