Home Page – Porfolio Website Design

Website Portfolio Home Page Design

I have further developed my home page design for my website portfolio by adding a navigation bar along the top. In the bar I have included a link back to the home page, a work page, an about me page and a contact page.

The work page is to show off all the project work I have done whilst at university at BU; it is the page which will show off my designs and my abilities. The about page will include a summary of me and even possibly my CV, so that visitors to my site can get to know me. The contact page will allow visitors to my website the ability to get in touch with me, I’m looking to include a contact form which will link straight to my email.

These links at the top when hovered over change colour making my portfolio more user friendly. I also designed my own icons for social networking changing the colour of the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and WordPress icon to purple, linking in with the whole colour scheme of my website portfolio. These also change colour when hovered over to a light grey colour.

In addition I included a quote “Designing for the future”. I think this quote is very striking and is a great opening to my portfolio website.

The limitations however of my design are that the design is a fixed design however I do plan to make it more Interactive in the future . For Instance having a different design for mobile viewing and having the ability to scale and rescale the website with no problems.


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